Presidents Bowl

Presidents Bowl Committee is a non-profit corporation committed to the fundraising and support of the Booster Clubs of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson High Schools in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Each year, a committee of hundreds of parent-volunteers plan and execute a variety of fundraising activities. The activities are designed to raise equitable allocations for the four high schools. The committee began planning in 1991, and the first Presidents Bowl football game(s) were played in the fall of 1992.

Over the years, various events have been added.  The Presidents Bowl Committee’s vision for the future is to continue to grow each event and add additional events, with a strong focus on the integration of the public schools and the community. The success of the Presidents Bowl has been made possible by the generous support of the Sioux Falls business community. These businesses purchase advertisements in the commemorative program, donate in-kind gifts and lend their good names to Presidents Bowl family-friendly events.

The Presidents Bowl Committee has raised nearly two million dollars to benefit Sioux Falls public high schools. The money raised has paid for travel, uniforms, equipment, and programs to provide and enhance educational opportunities for students. Now, with educational funding for public schools under increasing scrutiny, the Presidents Bowl sponsors play a vital role in enhancing public schools’ programming for school-related activities.

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Ticket Sales Information

Presidents Bowl is not just about football or fall sports.  The funds raised directly benefit ALL JHS activities.  Therefore, we are asking JHS students who are involved in any school-related activity to sell at least 10 tickets.  This includes ALL winter and spring activities (not just athletics.) Click below for more information!

Ticket Sales Form

Game day tickets are $10 each; One ticket is required for each day. If you leave between or during games, you must purchase a ticket for re-entry. There will be a Ticket Sales Table at Cavalier Days on Aug. 12 in the JHS Commons. Students/parents can turn in the completed tickets sales forms for actual tickets. 

2022 Presidents Bowl: JHS Committee Chairpersons

2021 Presidents Bowl Logo

If you would like to serve on one of the JHS Booster Club committees, please email Tony Erickson at Thank you to all that have stepped up to serve on behalf of JHS!